Help & Guidance

Moravian Roots is a database containing information on baptisms, marriages, and funerals from a steadily growing number of church registers held at the Moravian Archives in Bethlehem, PA. Click here for a list of registers that have currently been entered.

No acts that took place during the last 75 years will be displayed.

The database is constantly updated as new information is entered. Click here for a list of church registers that have been entered so far.

Enter a name in the search box. You can search all types of acts or limit your search to a particular act (e.g., funerals or marriages). You can also limit your search by entering a certain time period.

You can sort your results with the help of the arrows next to the headers of the list of results. For example, you can aplphabetize the list by clicking the arrow next to “Recipient,” or you can sort the results in chronological order by clicking the arrow next to “Act Date.”

In order to limit your search, you can enter a term in the box under the headers of the list of results. When you delete the search term, the list should automatically refresh. (Note: this does not work in older browsers).

In order to view the full entry, click on “full record.” This will display an excerpt report from the church register with the full information.

Each excerpt costs 1 credit of $2.50. You can purchase credits by clicking “Buy credits.”